op. [download]
Ryoji Ikeda

op. [download]

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Audio Sample: 03 op.1 [for 9 strings] III

DEC, 2002 | dd-008

Lossless digital download
16-bit/44.1kHz AIFF

01 I 2:20
02 II 4:34
03 III 4:46
04 IV 3:22
Musique Nouvelles Ensemble:
violins: Wibert Aerts, Red Gjecit, Veronique Lierneux, Eric Sluys
violas: Dominica Eyckmans, Manuela Bucher
cellos: Sigrid Vandenbogaerde, Frederic Detroch
double bass: Pascal Smets
conductor: Jean-Paul Dessy
recorded by Philippe Colpin at RTB Belgium Radio and TV studio, Mons, December 13, 2001
mixed at Art Zoyd studio, Maubeuge and cci studio, Tokyo, January-February, 2002
assistance for score: Jerome Combier
05 op.2 [for string quartet] 15:22
06 op.3 [for string quartet] 6:57
violins: Natsu Takehara, Yoko Kawakubo
viola: Rei Shimada
cello: Nagako Kato
recorded at New National Thatre Tokyo, May 14-17, 2002
mixed at cci studio Tokyo, May-August, 2002
op.1 [prototype]
07 I 2:18
08 II 4:39
09 III 3:59
10 IV 3:30

violin: Wibert Aerts
viola: Dominica Eyckmans
cello: Jean-Paul Zanutel
recorded at Art Zoyd studio, Maubeuge, March 19-21, 2001
edited and mixed by Ryoji Ikeda at cci studio, Tokyo, March-September, 2001


op.1 was originally commissioned by "experience de vol #3"
No electronic sounds used

composed and produced by Ryoji Ikeda
© 2002 Ryoji Ikeda (JASRAC / Budde Music)

* the CD album was previously released on Touch, UK

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