live 1998 [download]
Ryoji Ikeda

live 1998 [download]

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Audio Sample: 01 headphonics [VPRO version] :: +/- [VPRO version]

1999 | dd-005

Lossless digital download
16-bit/44.1kHz AIFF

01 headphonics [VPRO version] :: +/- [VPRO version] 19:54
02 LSDS 15:47


* the tracks were recorded live in 1998 at VPRO radio station in Amsterdam, NL
* the CD and Vinyl albums were previously released as Mort Aux Vaches (*a live show series of the label) on Staalplaat, NL

produced by Ryoji Ikeda
© 2018 Ryoji Ikeda (Budde Music / JASRAC)

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