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DEC, 2008 | bk-001

V≠L is inspired by discussions between Ryoji Ikeda and American mathematician Benedict Gross about mathematical definitions of infinity. The 120 page collection of critical essays and photo plates of the exhibition at Le Laboratoire, Paris in 2008 are separated by a transparent glass slab and held together in a plexiglas case. V≠L is a special numbered edition of 350 copies; available in English or French.

author/ text: David Edwards, Caroline Naphegyi, Ryoji Ikeda, Benedict Gross, Andrei Rodin, Suelin Chen, Anne Picq
publication editors: Xavier Barral, Ryoji Ikeda, Caroline Naphegyi
translation: Maurice Salem, Jean-Yves Cotté, Caroline Taylor Bouché
copy editor: Marie-Claude Moure, Michèle Pierret
photo credit: Marc Domage
graphic design and production: Atalante-Paris / Elamine Maecha
photo engraving: Les Artisans du Regard
printing: Deux-Ponts, France
pages: 120
binding: hardback
illustrations: 9 photo plates
language: English, French
ISBN: 9782915173437

22.0 x 16.5 x 3.3 cm
date | publisher
DEC 1, 2008
Éditions Xavier Barral, FR

photo: Takeshi Asano

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